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A study of the California medical cannabis user population by Prof. Craig Reinarman et al. appears in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs 43(2) Apr-Jun, 2011: “Who Are Medical Marijuana Patients? Population Characteristics from Nine California Assessment Clinics”, Identified the most common prescribed use of pot: 


*73% of patients are male.
*Use is heaviest in the 25-44 year age group.

*Leading indications:
82.6% for pain
70.7% to improve sleep
55% for “relaxation”
41% for muscle spasms
41% for headaches
38% for anxiety
28% for nausea
26% for depression 

Florida Sheriffs Pass Resolution to Oppose
the Legalization of Marijuana

For Immediate Release:

Tallahassee, Fla. (Jan. 16, 2014) – Concerned that legalizing marijuana will jeopardize public safety; Florida’s sheriffs have passed a resolution opposing the legalization of marijuana in Florida. The Florida Sheriffs Association today announced the majority vote, stressing that the main priority of FSA and Florida’s 67 Sheriffs is to protect the safety of our citizens. Florida’s Sheriffs believe that approving broad exceptions to current state and federal law that would allow doctors to authorize use of marijuana for virtually any reason with little regulation will hurt children and families and lead to a lower quality of life for all.

The threat of commercialized marijuana


   Sabet argues that the for-profit incentive might also encourage the industry to market unsafe products as long as there's money to be made.

   Marijuana-infused edibles, for instance, have turned out to be riskier than many expected, largely because it's much more difficult for a novice user to self-regulate the dose of pot from slow-acting, sometimes shoddily labeled food products.

   "I still have not heard a good reason why we need any edibles," Sabet says. "I think it's really difficult to make an argument that you need lemon-flavored gummy bears that have THC in them."

Local city looks to limit
medical pot shops
Palmetto, Florida -- Florida is 43 days away from voting on an amendment that would legalize medical marijuana, but one city is already making plans to limit where pot dispensaries could open up in their town.
AltMed forms Canadian allianceI'


LAKEWOOD RANCH -- AltMed LLC, with plans to build  a marijuana growing and processing plant in Sarasota County,  has formed  a strategic alliance with Canada’s Vida Cannabis, which is building a large grow operation of its own in Nova Scotia, Canada.


Former justices: Five reasons to reject Amendment 2
As former Florida Supreme Court justices, we once took an oath to protect the constitution of the state of Florida. Today, we call on all Floridians to protect it by voting “no” on Amendment 2. This amendment, promoted as a compassionate effort to legalize marijuana for medical purposes, should be rejected — regardless of one’s position on the issue of medical marijuana.
Sarasota Republicans opposing marijuana amendment

The Sarasota Republican Party is telling its voters to oppose a constitutional amendment on November’s ballot to allow medical marijuana in Florida.

On Monday, the Sarasota Republicans sent a blast email to their followers that included a sample ballot instructing them to vote against Amendment 2.

Anzalone/United For Care poll: 69% of FL voters back
medical marijuana

A June 2014 poll by Anzalone Liszt Research and Public Opinion Strategies reported 70% voter support for the amendment.


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